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sun propeller

huun huur tu tushita teahaus lovechock
tushita teahaus kukicha kagoshima
tushita teahaus kukicha kagoshima
cinnamon raisin hashberry cinnamon buns
home made organic body butter
something that is not yet in existance

18.02.28 : sun propeller

a month of many splendors and sensorial delights…… one of the most beautiful flavors i ever tasted – this kukicha tea from kagoshima by way of tushita, as well as the most beautiful fragrance of the dry tea inside the bag… while listening to the most beautiful sounds i ever heard – huun huur tu with their deep tuvan grooves… appreciating those who give the gift of these bright moments, which warm the spirit as we navigate through the challenges and being grateful for the ability to simply take it all in and reflect it all back out somehow, through these transmissions of time and space oxo

highlights also include… cinnamon raisin buns, first home made body butter, the fantastic 4 year old’s epic drawing of ‘something not yet in existence’, numerous additons added to incidence, and the new wood block stamped tags coming soon to a garment near you!