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computered her ecliptic

solar eclipse 2017

17.08.21 : computered her ecliptic

there are moments and there are moments and this was a moment to really reflect on the light and on the darkness which we bridge with our own beings by being present to illustrate the exchange and express it thru our thoughts feelings actions… the bridge between chaos and cosmos built right between the center of our head to the center of our heart, don’t even need to leave the room to create it or cross it and that’s a miracle if u think about it… so its a celestial event to herald a shift, time to take that trek back to the center of your own soul to see what it says and let it lead – direction is everything and there’s no easier place to get to than inward… there’s an order inherent that radiates everywhere you look – the stars and orbital pathways – fundamental forces – principles and universal laws, and tuning into this is as natural as it gets xxx