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how to use this site and refine your selection

this assembly of simple shapes to cover and protect the human form is organized in three sections: archetypes (any design custom made to your size, fit preference, and color), incidence (one of a kind pieces in various sizes), and duplicates (ready made copies of archetypes in various sizes)… each section contains a selection of staples: underwear, shirts, pants, dresses, tunics, over clothes, and accessories for both women and men… most designs are the result of searching for ethical, modest, functional yet graceful natural clothing and rarely finding exactly what we were looking for, as well as requests from people looking for the same thing – genuine articles fit to live in

the focus is on items that do not loose their appeal – basic, classic, archetypal tried-and-true simple designs – unique renderings of timeless, functional forms to fit the human frame – not subject to trends, or even fashion – comfortable, healthy, modest, durable, while still being cool, stylish, graceful and unique… they span the yin yang spectrum of women / men, warm / cool, tight / loose, long / short to fulfill many needs and provide a conscious alternative


how to find your way around the site
xusah custom clothing legendmost designs are meant to be universal – for women or men / yin or yang, but some are more suited to the feminine and others to the masculine, so in our custom clothing category the male / female symbols indicate who a design is geared for… many are also suited to numerous seasons, since they can be layered (tank tops in summer, undershirts in winter / hoodie in winter, or at night at the beach in summer) but the symbols for these too indicate the optimum weather for each piece as it is – warmer (late spring, summer, early fall), moderate (spring and fall), cooler (fall and winter), and all seasons… so please refer to these symbols for easy reference on all our custom made clothing

to search the collection in each clothing category,  click the button on the top left to refine your selection and use the drop-down menus and filters to tune in what you are looking for, and if you have a custom request please don’t hesitate to ask, we love to accommodate!

a whole lot of heart and soul goes into each piece and new designs will be added frequently so please stay tuned, and if you have a request for something special you’d like to have made feel free to contact us!

boutique faq
frequently asked questions

below you can find answers to some of the questions that have been asked most often over the years regarding materials, processes and production – i’ll be adding more in time and please feel free to ask away if you do not see the answer you are looking for!!!


why are the prices different on the same item?

in order to offer organic wears at the lowest cost possible and make them more widely available, all garments are listed at the actual cost it is to produce them… garments that are undyed / natural require less time and materials, so they are offered at a lower price… garments that are hand dyed require a good bit more time and materials, and so are priced according to what is required… darker colors require a lot more dye and time to achieve their optimum depth, so these too are priced to accommodate that

for garments that are plus sized, this too requires more materials and time to produce, so all prices listed simply account for exactly what it takes to create your custom garment in the way of materials and time needed


do you offer 100% organic cotton versions of these designs?

while we do not stock this just yet, we plan to, and in the meantime, if you have a skin sensitivity or health condition that requires pure organic cotton please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate! we have done so many times in the past and can source highest quality materials for whatever you would like!


do you offer 100% hemp versions of these designs?

for those wanting a pure hemp garment, this option is available upon special request ~ we do not currently stock these fabrics due to their cost, as they are 3 to 5 times more expensive than the hemp and organic cotton blends we use, as well as being quite limited in selection… however, if it is needed or desired please let us know and we would be happy to provide a quote for your request and accommodate as much as possible!


are these fabrics made in china?

yes, the hemp and organic cotton blend materials we use are grown, harvested, and milled in china (with the organic cotton portion being grown in turkey), in facilities that are exemplary of excellent fair trade practices that highlight and emphasize the talents and skills of those with a great deal of experience in this area, while providing benefits to employees and communities that improve the standard of living for all involved

i have spoken with the president of the company i get all my materials from, and he regularly travels to china to connect with the producers, visiting the hemp fields, the production facilities and the local area to affirm a healthy and equal exchange that benefits all… it truly is an example of how cool global trade can be, and helps to dispel the negative views that everything from china is bad… china has decades more experience in growing hemp and producing these superb quality fabrics, and it will take quite some time for the rest of the world to catch up!

please see our plants and fibers page for an in depth look at why we use these fabrics


are these dyes natural?

no, fiber reactive dyes are synthetic, but even so are truly low impact and non toxic… only a small amount of powdered dye is needed to color a garment, along with a few simple additives (salt for softening the water, and soda ash for fixing the dye)… it requires roughly a bathtub full of water per garment (much less for small stuff like tank tops) from start to finish, and afterward you have a permanent wash-fast color that will not bleed and will retain its color well… i have hand dyed clothing that i’ve worn continuously for many years and have found the color fades slightly with lots of age and wear, but always looks cool – even when it gets super worn out! so what is used to produce the color is minor, and when paired with the durability of hemp really goes the distance

please see our sizes and colors page for an in depth look at our dyes


if you’ve read this far…

many thanks!! we’re always happy to serve as effectively as possible, so in that regard, if you happen to find any bugs or errors as you browse our site please do pass them along to us! we are most grateful for any help in the fine tuning we might have missed along the way :)