Lama Chodpa Pure Natural Tibetan Incense
Lama Chodpa Pure Natural Tibetan Incense
Lama Chodpa Pure Natural Tibetan Incense
Lama Chodpa Pure Natural Tibetan Incense
Lama Chodpa Pure Natural Tibetan Incense
Lama Chodpa Pure Natural Tibetan Incense
Lama Chodpa Pure Natural Tibetan Incense

lama chodpa 100% pure natural tibetan incense – in three sacred blends


after sampling many varieties of pure tibetan incenses, these beautiful, exquisitely hand crafted sticks are our favorites! their scent and the vibration they emanate in your space is amazingly effective due to the elaborate way they are created… we are offering three varieties here in our shop as they resonate well with everything else we wish to share… one is for ‘meditation’, one for ‘relaxation’ and one for ‘purification / clean environment’ ~ available in two sizes, mini (a sampling of 15 half / 4″ sticks) and large (one large tube containing 60 full-size 8″ sticks)… for just getting introduced the minis are ideal, while the larger tube is the absolute best value, as can be enjoyed for quite a while!

the blends:
each of these blends is uniquely formulated to the intended use, and from personal experience they truly are perfectly suited to their objectives! the meditation blend is earthy, calming and promotes a focus without drowsiness – the aroma awakens the space and prepares a meditative atmosphere that sustains through your meditation and beyond… the relaxation blend is a sweeter combination, giving a light hearted warm feeling that allows one to just feel peaceful and serene – excellent for creating a laid back atmosphere for rest and recuperation… purification is great for rebooting your space – a bright uplifted energy that chases the cobwebs out and sets a clear tone… each of these is great to have on hand in any home, as they help to generate a healing rejuvenating energy shield for maintaining a safe, pure, sacred environment to live, work and play in

how to use tibetan incense:
tibetan incense is unlike the most commonly known varieties, which have a stick in the center that can be placed in a typical incense holder (and not having a stick means it burns much cleaner!)… the optimal way to use tibetan incense sticks is to have a dedicated bowl or dish which can collect the ashes over time, creating a soft ‘bed’ for the new piece of incense to burn on… i usually start by pressing a full stick about 3/4″ into the soil of a small house plant, toward the edge of the pot and at an angle, with a dish right beside the pot… i’ll collect the ash in the dish below until there is just enough to make a layer of ash for a stick to rest on in the bowl… since these sticks are quite potent we find using smaller pieces is more than sufficient – an 8″ stick will last several days / sessions, breaking off a 2″ to 4″ piece at a time… if you have large spaces you can use more, but we’ve found a quarter piece is plenty for most rooms… as your ashes build up in your dish or bowl, you simply place the new piece on top… after a dish gets too full, i will sprinkle the ashes as a blessing over garden beds to continue the organic cycle

about lama chodpa:
“Lama Chodpa is 100% pure natural Tibetan incense. Organic, free of chemicals, pesticides, or additives; grown, blessed and hand made at the Monastery. Hand made to the exact specifications of a recipe from an ancient scroll. The life process of nature is constantly kept in the highest regard in all decisions from sustainable harvesting through the final stages of production.”

“Tibetan tradition is strictly adhered to during the creation process, from using the purest possible ingredients (the mandated proportions of medicinal herbs) to the artesian process where the carefully dried ingredients are individually ground (using a mortar and pestle), blended by hand, and dried by the sun. The sticks are hand packed in protective tubing and hand-made paper; wax sealed using an auspicious seal of Tashi Jong (auspicious happy valley).

All ingredients are blessed; one however is the object of a 9 days blessing ceremony for 12 hours a day by 200 monks. After the 9 days blessing, it is placed in a Dharma protector room to be blessed once a day for an entire year by a meditation master before being used in the incense.

Lama Chodpa is a Direct Trade product brought to you by the Eden’s Rose Foundation. Projects ranging from the direct support of Tibetan refugees to medicinal herb and organic agricultural development come together along with sustainable community development in villages of once nomadic Himalayan tribal groups; are being planned, developed, and implemented through funding derived by Lama Chodpa Incense and other Direct Trade Projects.

In Buddhism, the highest spiritual ideal is to cultivate compassion for all sentient beings and to work for their welfare to the greatest possible extent. It is through the sale of Lama Chodpa that the Eden’s Rose Foundation hopes to spread powerful blessings and to realize this goal.”

this item is pre-made will be ready to ship in 3 to 7 days – it will be mindfully packaged in 100% recycled, biodegradable packaging materials and shipped to you via the optimum shipping method for your order and location

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Be the first to leave some feedback for this item and we will email you a coupon for 10% off your next order!

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  • mini relaxation
  • mini purification
  • large meditation
  • large relaxation
  • large purification