Studio Mu HQ

geo studio

these clothes, tangible objects, and intangible elements all hail from a geodesic dome nestled in the woods along the north east coast of the natural landmass referred to as the united states… a location equipped with a variety of creative living spaces / studios for doing fun stuff like playing / recording live music and video, painting, drawing, making clothing, organic gardening / growing, educating little kids, and assembling healthy food to enjoy and share… as well as quiet spots for things like yoga, contemplation, writing, study and other disciplines… its a pretty peaceful natural environment with an ideal atmosphere for creativity, imagination, inspiration, and focus


x u s a h zinexusah began as a hand drawn / written and photocopied zine – an artistic poetic paper hand out integrating and advocating a new communications vehicle called ‘the web’, and our personal websites / domains (sharing things like home made music,  inspirational art, vegan recipes, and organic clothes) to local folks in an effort to encourage more people to get online at a time when few even knew what it meant – a hard copy counterpart to a web zine interconnecting physical and digital dimensions, and functioning like an invitation for adventures into the unknown…

at the moment, xusah has morphed to become a source for artistic handmade eco clothing and a spontaneous selection of other earth friendly goods – one aspect of an organic lifestyle that is always evolving and growing… thanks for checking out our studio, offerings and pixellations – we aim to ever make it worth the while :)