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follow your bliss


16.12.31 : follow your bliss

The world will be made better only in proportion as we make ourselves better. The Vedantic truth that the world is only a projection – a function – of our consciousness is as pragmatically true as it is spiritually true. The ills that humanity suffers from – collectively and individually – stem from the errors that lie at the roots of our ignorant nature. We must be cleaned of these evils – individually first of all – it we ever hope to see a clean world outside. A yoga of self-purification is the condition precedent to a yoga of perfection. But, in the end, a Higher Destiny leans over earth’s children and its ways are beyond calculation.

An uncompromising sincerity is the surest way to spiritual achievement.
Do not pretend – be.
Do not promise – act.
Do not dream – realise.

~ The Mother