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15.12.07 : transformations inspirations revelations




15.12.07 : transformations inspirations revelations

settling in to the new studio after a whole lot of focus to upgrade and refine the space and tools to be healthier, more ergonomic, lower profile and higher performance… including custom hand made / home made studio furniture… all systems GO and very much enjoying the fruits of the last year of labor… many many thanks to everyone whose support made the movement possible, it is a true honor to be of service… inspiration is flowing and several fun new projects are in the works so stay tuned+++

“The highest function of creativity is the revelation of spirit. The deeper we tap into our yearning for creative expression, free from limitations, the clearer a channel we become for the cosmic creative force to manifest. Creation is activated evolutionary spirit. Creation is redemption. Redemption is divine rescue from the transgression of meaninglessness. When art helps those in need of inspiration, it can turn suffering into purpose. Art that is made with the intention to benefit others can become a spiritual practice. Creativity born from the power of love, directly from the soul, is a Sacred Mirror, reminding beholders that each of us is holy and that the world and our universe is a sacred place.”

~ Alex Gray, Net of Being