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on a mission

on a mission
all aboard the ICE train
by the canal, walking to the castle gardens at nymphenburg
sushi night in munich
tushita teahaus i love you
westpark buddha
westpark path and blossoms
flying over iceland on the way back home

17.11.19 : on a mission

portrait of two hemp heads about the board the ICE train (zooooming at 300km/h, powered by renewable energy yo!) and go forth into a new era of adventure… with a modern shield of hemp around us (hats, shirts, hoodies, etc.) and an array of other durable earth gear we set out on this mission to bring as much truth, beauty, love, and goodness forward as we humanly can… the modern adventures of munch-hausen in full effect and after an epic ride we emerged, as bill and ted say, MOST triumphant!

the last visit to muenchen saw quite a few cool earth conscious shifts, and this one brought many many more… numerous health food supermarkets, vegan eateries, eco friendly options and an overall evolution that was truly inspiring… highlights were the tea and vegan delights (in particular the matcha lattes and hojicha nougat pie!) at tushita teahaus, and the fragrant pink blossoms and golden buddha at westpark… thanks for showing me your best once again muenchen, and thanks to all boutique visitors from the modest munchers who made it… looking forward to a lot more fun now that the base has been established! oxo