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the juggling act that is life

hand made hemp millet juggling balls

17.10.05 : the juggling act that is life

always loved the reference to juggling with keeping the various elements of life in a good balanced flow, so another project that’s been in on the list for a while has been to make some hemp juggling balls… as a teenager i learned how to juggle with a generic set for teaching kids (after watching wings of desire and briefly dreaming of being a trapeze artist) – the balls were stiff and square and though i did learn how they never felt quite right… this was followed by a set of 3 hacky-sacks procured in a local head shop called paradise america and were used up to this point for just having fun here and there… but these too never felt right! they were too small and just didn’t handle the way i intuitively felt they should

the magical shu suggested making some out of hemp, filled with unhulled organic millet – offering a fully biodegradable option for those who’d like that… and so the prototyping began and these beauties came to be! was able to size them to what felt right for my hands, both dimension and weight, and they are finally what i was wanting all these years… they felt perfect in my hand, make practicing a lot easier and learning faster… and my nephew says they smell GREAT! the millet gives off a lovely nutty scent as you use them… these will be available in 3 sizes for varying hands so stay tuned!