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vibrational orgone-ization

nord drum + orgone pyramid

17.04.01 : vibrational orgone-ization

supreme spring high-lights….. new rhythm synth pads to program and play on, with exceptional responsiveness (you can lay into these pretty hard with sticks, or set the sensitivity to play with your hands!) and another new piece of technology to test out… found these amazing hand crafted orgone generators online, made by a very talented couple in the UK who share their wares here: orgone solutions… after reading up on the negative effects of electromagnetic frequencies on our bio-spirit systems from the intense amount of chaotic interference we experience daily with the abundance of devices and electronic fields, these orgone solutions felt very attractive! with its quartz, kyanite, selenite, labradorite, and black tourmaline (among many other magical ingredients!) the pyramid itself is truly a work of art, you really do feel a balancing / grounding in your energy field and it is a joy to just peer into it on a daily basis… its already become a trusty companion for meditation and keeping a clear space, and these come highly recommended!